Abu Dhabi Airports Partnering with Shanghai Airport Authority

Abu Dhabi Airports Partnering with Shanghai Airport Authority

Abu Dhabi Airports, the operator of five commercial airports in the emirate of Abu Dhabi, revealed today the establishment of an exchange programme with Shanghai Airport Authority (AVINEX), that recognises common interests between the two parties, as well as capitalising on opportunities of collaboration in the aviation sector.

The agreement was announced through a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed between Abu Dhabi Airports and the Shanghai Airport Authority (AVINEX).

Elena Sorlini, Managing Director and Interim CEO, Abu Dhabi Airports, said, “We are pleased to be signing this agreement with AVINEX of Shanghai so soon after launching the new Terminal A at Abu Dhabi International Airport. We see great value and importance in maintaining and exchanging knowledge and experience on efficient, sustainable and economic development of our respective airports, especially as our synergies are compatible in that we have both experienced a growth in demand and we both manage high-quality airports in our respective regions.”

The aim of this MoU is to benefit from complex airport expertise, including know-how, operations and marketing, and to collaborate and undertake initiatives such as development of passenger and freight business, promoting effective transfer products and services and conducting joint marketing initiatives that focus on promoting tourism to and between our landmark destinations.

Feng Xin, CEO of AVINEX, commented, “We are delighted to jointly promote the integration of our two airports’ route networks, enhance accessibility, effectively improve hub operation quality, and stimulate the growth of passenger and freight markets, as Shanghai Airports are resuming international flights at full speed. Also, we are pleased that Abu Dhabi International Airport’s brand-new Terminal A has started operating, which signifies the foundation for our cooperation. We hope that more Chinese airlines can establish hub operation cooperation with Etihad Airways at this new terminal, and we will work together with airlines to achieve our shared goals. Finally, we are looking forward to building an ecosystem of hub operation together, creating prosperity in our aviation market, and sharing the achievements of development in our cooperation.”

The agreement looks at continuous cooperation and collaboration between the two parties as a necessity to maintain and develop a compatible and efficient air transport system that exchanges and ultimately adopts best practices. (WAM)