Oman attractive tourism destination in all seasons

Oman attractive tourism destination in all seasons

Due to its enormous natural diversity, the Sultanate of Oman is considered as an attractive tourism destination in all seasons of the year.

The summer tourism season for this year, is expected to witness an increase in the number of visitors to the cold destinations that enjoy exceptional weather and activities that suit the summer tourism and meet the requirements of the tourists.

The attractive destinations including the Governorate of Al-Dakhiliyah ,in particularly Al- Jabal Al Akhdar and Jabal Shams, as well as the Governorate of Dhofar and the Governorates Al Sharqiyah South.

The Omani summer tourism destinations are enjoying mild weather and low temperatures. In addition to the rain and drizzle that is known as the Khareef season in the Governorate of Dhofar , at a time when temperatures rise regionally to high levels, this is accompanied by unremitting efforts to enhance these ingredients with activities and events that meet the tourist requirement in the summer tourism season.

Also the existence of solid infrastructure supports the tourism sector through the availability of well established hotel establishments in the Governorate of Al- Dakhiliyah , including 8 hotels in Al Jabal Al Akhdar with a rating of (1-5) stars ,with (547) rooms, two hotels in Jabal Shams and many hotel establishments with a rating of (1-5) stars In the Governorate of Dhofar , which provides a wide choice of accommodation and luxury, while there are 86 hotels in the Governorate of Al Sharqiyah South , and a number of 43 hotel facilities in the Governorate of Al Wusta .

Commenting on this matter, Raia bint Salem Al Maskeriyah, Assistant Director of Tourism Promotion and Marketing at the Ministry of Heritage and Tourism said: “These destinations are receiving great attention from the ministry by promoting investments that contribute to keeping pace with the growing tourism movement, and enriching tourism products and experiences that encourage the stay of the tourist as long as possible in the tourism destination.”.

She added: The tourism promotion program by the Ministry of Heritage and Tourism continues to be implemented through various media, social media, exhibitions, posters, flyers, brochures and pamphlets, in addition to cooperating with sector partners to provide promotional offers.

She pointed out that, visitors can practice many tourism activities, such as enjoying the moderate weather, sunrise and sunset, and to practicing adventure tourism and marine sports.

She clarified that, there are many activities carried out by tourists and visitors in the Governorate of Al Dakhiliyah, particularly in the morning, including camping, hiking, mountain climbing, hiking between valleys, shopping for the products of Al – Jabal Akhder , visiting heritage sites , such as castles and forts, as well as Aflajs, valleys, ancient lanes and ancient houses to identify customs and traditions of the people of these areas .

The tourists and visitors can also be acquainted by the cultural heritage as well as roaming by bicycle and enjoying a lot of other activities. She also pointed out that, the agriculture activity at Al Jabal Akhdar is also considered a tourist product, while the visitor always keen to know more about this activity of unique cultivation of terraces and products such as pomegranates, walnuts, almonds, figs, peaches, apricots and aromatic plants. ​