SimTEX 2024 features pioneering unmanned systems in Abu Dhabi

SimTEX 2024 features pioneering unmanned systems in Abu Dhabi

The UMEX and SimTEX 2024, taking place at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC), featured pioneering technological innovations in unmanned systems, simulation, training, artificial intelligence and robotics, with several launches of new products from Emirati companies.

Leading national companies and entities, as well as students from across the United Arab Emirates (UAE) universities specialising in artificial intelligence and unmanned systems, were able to unveil their latest global innovations. Over 214 companies, including 72 Emirati companies, participated, presenting their advanced technological products.

During the event, EDGE Group, the strategic partner for UMEX and SimTEX 2024, launched innovative new products offering reliability and technological advancement in various fields. These products underscore the EDGE Group’s commitment to developing capabilities that significantly strengthen the sovereign defence ecosystem.

The GY300, an unmanned aircraft designed for short takeoff and landing on rough terrain, is a low-maintenance and cost-effective drone that is capable of carrying 300kg. In the field of land systems the Bunker Pro, a high-performance unmanned ground vehicle was launched, which performs fully autonomous operations such as remote surveillance, exploration, convoying, target identification, and outdoor patrols.

EDGE Group’s M-BUGGY, a wheeled, multi-terrain unmanned ground vehicle (UGV), utilises the latest imaging and sensor technology to provide actionable data. Attendees at UMEX and SimTEX were able to see the M-BUGGY in action as part of the live demonstrations for land systems at the ADNEC Grandstand Area, a new feature at this year’s event.

Khalifa University of Science and Technology announced 13 innovations in advanced technologies for the digital world. These included drones for fire extinguishing, a set of heterogeneous robotic systems, a unique shield for chip identification and installation and a security system based on a programmable logic gate array. The university also showcased a self-driving car, drones for cloud seeding to enhance rainfall, and a smart system for detecting hazardous materials.

Eneron, a subsidiary of UAE-based Kenstongi and a pioneer in tactical mobility, showcased the advanced electric Magnus in its trial version. This reconnaissance vehicle, designed for defensive operations, is a testament to Eneron’s focus on autonomous technology, artificial intelligence, and sustainable technologies. The vehicle features a front cab structure for enhanced visibility, three-row seating for six passengers, and a spacious rear compartment.

The Emirates Defence Companies Council participated in the sixth edition of UMEX and SimTEX, underscoring its role as a key supporter of the defence and security industry in the UAE. The Council emphasised the importance of a pavilion featuring government institutions and leading companies, including the Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology, and the Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development to display the latest innovative defence products supported by AI technologies and autonomous systems.

UMEX and SimTEX 2024 continues to provide a global platform for that facilitates innovation and new business partnerships that will set the future trajectory of the critically important unmanned systems sector. (WAM)